Domenica-Urzi-150x150Domenica Urzi was a Research Assistant in the MIGPROSP project in 2016. In April 2015 she finished her PhD research at the Sociology and Social Policy Department of the University of Nottingham, exploring the working and living experiences of Romanian and Tunisian migrants in the informal labour market of Sicily, and analysing how different types of citizenship interact with the immigration labour market policies and create spaces of ‘indignities’.

Domenica has been academically interested in migration studies since 2006, exploring the migration phenomenon from different perspectives and moving across disciplines. She finished her first degree in Italy with a social-psychological thesis on the integration aspects of migrant communities. In 2009 she was awarded one of two High Achievement Scholarships from the Department of Sociology and Social Policy of the University of Nottingham to continue to study migration at MA level. The development of her final MA dissertation constituted the base for her PhD research project, completed thanks to a three-year EU Research Excellence Scholarship. Domenica’s interest in migration has also informed her teaching activity as tutor for the module ‘Global Studies and Human Rights’ at the University of Nottingham.